Everything you'd expect from an ecommerce platform, and so much more.


Flexible Physical Sales

Inventory tracking. Cart Limiting for fast selling, low quantity items. Multiple shipping profiles across unlimited variations. Plus, you can use our efficient and customizable packing system to make shipping your orders easy.

Ticket Selling Made Simple

Selling tickets and managing your shows has never been easier than with our Ticket Selling features. We provide a host of features like Will Call and Guest List management for you, and Google Maps integration and 24 hour reminder emails for your fans.

Bundles & VIP Packages

Never separate inventory again, when using our bundle feature. Be creative with your combinations! You can also boost tour revenue by optionally selling tickets to your next show in VIP packages & stay organized with our Will Call List manager.

Digital & Physical Pre-Orders

Need a way to pre-sell an album before the release date? Sell your album with or without inventory, delay the delivery of digital until a certain date, and even email fans automatically when the download is available.

Digital Street Date

The Digital Street Date app allows you to delay the download of digital items until whatever date and time zone you specify. It's perfect for pre-orders of a physical item with digital attached.

Gift Cards

With our Gift Cards app, you can sell flat or percentage based gift cards by themselves, bundled with other products, or just create one yourself and email it to a customer.

Fan Club Products

With Fan Club Products, you'll be able to require a password for a product to be added to a cart, so you can launch early and give your most important fans first crack.


Completely Unlimited and Free

With our newsletter service you can have as many subscribers as you want, and email them as many times as you want. And on top of that, it's completely free.

Import Subscribers

You can import subscribers from your old store or newsletter service for free.

Free Templates

We have a bunch of classic newsletter templates that you can use, and customize.


Want to roll the dice on a template of your own? You can build it from scratch using HTML.

Create and Email Groups

Creating and emailing groups is an incredible advancement in newsletters. And you can only do it with us. Create a group of customers that bought a certain pre-order, or spent a certain amount, or even in a certain radius of a zip/postal code!


Endicia Integration

If you're using Endicia to buy postage and ship your packages, we have an app that's going to make your life so much easier.

Stamp.com Integration

Much like our Endicia integration, the Stamps.com app is going to help you with printing postage and printing labels. Easily export all your orders in the format Stamps.com accepts, and immediately start the process.

ShipStation Integration

Are you selling on Amazon, eBay and others, as well as your Limited Run store? Well then you're probably using ShipStation, and we integrate with them.

StoreFeeder Integration

Managing your shipping with StoreFeeder? With this integration, your orders and products will automatically stay in sync across all of your sales channels.

Custom Fulfiller API

Pull down orders, mark orders as shipped, and manage your inventory levels with our Custom Fulfiller API.

Simple Shipping

We have an easy way to price your shipping profiles. One price for the first item, and a second price for each additional. This makes setup fast, and gets you selling asap.

Weighted Shipping

Need to drill down to an exact shipping price? Weighted Shipping is for you. Takes a bit longer to setup, than Simple Shipping, but it'll get you the exact price you'd like to charge your customers.

Tracking Number Import

Universal, bulk tracking number importer that can be used with any third party shipping service. Mark orders as shipped and notify your customers faster than ever before.

Product SKUs

Optionally add unique SKUs to each of your product variations and we'll use these identifiers when connecting with third party fulfillment services.

Product Warehouse Locations

Optionally add Warehouse Locations to each of your product variations.

Discount Codes

Discount on Total

Give a discount if the cart reaches a total that you specify.

Free Shipping

Give out free shipping if the cart reaches a certain total that you specify.

Category Discounts

Restrict discounts to certain categories. It's a great way to eliminate pre-order products from a sale.

Require a Code or Don't

You can make a discount activate automatically or require the customer to enter a code.

Sale Start Time

Making that midnight sale go live is easy when you can set the start time and then go to sleep.

Percentage or Value

You can give customers a percentage off the total, or a dollar amount.


Full Custom HTML

Pick from one of our great themes or create your own totally custom design. Whether you just want a store or an entire website, theming and custom pages let you accomplish whatever look you're trying to achieve.

App Store

You can easily build an entire site to go with your store, when you install Apps like News and Roster. Our App Store also boasts great features for adding Sales Tax and giving Discounts. Add the features you need, remove the ones you don't.

Custom Domain

Using your own custom domain on Limited Run lets you better integrate with your parent site or puts the final touch on making it your fans' ultimate destination.

Unlimited Custom Pages

Build a custom page using HTML or our Rich Text Editor. You can also create links out to external pages like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

Integrated Contact Form

Let customers contact you through your store using our simple Contact Form app. We even have a nice captcha to avoid spam from Nigerian robot princes.

Maintenance Page

Doing a big redesign to your store? Adding a major product release? Going on vacation? Use our maintenance page option to tell your customers what's going on.

Shopping Cart

Seamless Checkout

Your customers never leave the product page when checking out. They can even continue listening to an embedded music player while paying. It's simply the fastest checkout around.

Multiple Currencies

Manage all your sales in the currency of your choice. You can choose from USD, Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, or sixteen others.

Name Your Own Price

Set the product price and allow your customers to optionally give you more than you're asking. If you set a minimum of 0, and they don't pay you, we won't charge you.

Cart Limiting

With our industry-first Cart Limiting feature, you can easily restrict the cart quantity of your fast selling, limited run items. It's the only way to make sure all your fans get their fair shot.

Store Management

Advanced Dashboard

With our dashboard, you can upload multiple digital items at once, generate hundreds of packing slips and labels, export your entire product catalog, and more.

Ultimate Product Creator

Whether the product is physical, digital, or both, our creator lets you build it in a single form. Upload digital, control the inventory, add variations, configure for SoundScan, and more.

Powerful Order Management

Print packing slips, shipping labels, an order checklist, mark orders as shipped, email customers updated order info, and more, with just one click.

Sales Reports

Let us display your sales in an easy to read graph. At a glance, you can see what you sold yesterday, or a week ago, and all in your own time zone.

Customer Management

With our Customer Manager, you can see, search, and sort, a comprehensive list of your customers, as well as how much they've ordered from you.

Live Inventory Stats

With live updating inventory stats in your dashboard, you'll never have to click refresh to see how many items you have left, ever again. It's perfect for new releases.

Flexible Shipping

You can create, and save, finely tuned shipping profiles for every product variation. Profiles attached to your variations can all be different, allowing you more versatility on a single product.

Product Exporter

Going out to a show or convention and bringing some of your stock? Well now you can export your entire inventory list so you know what you have back at headquarters.

Batch Uploading

No one wants to upload one file at a time. With our batch upload system, you can select as many files as you want and they'll immediately start uploading.


Email Fans About Availability

Collect email addresses from fans looking to buy an Out of Stock or Coming Soon item. When you make the item available, we'll email everyone who requested to be notified. It's perfect for notifying fans about a new pre-order that's up for sale.

Discount Codes

Extremely versatile system that allows a fixed or percentage discount, with or without a code. You can even give out free shipping when a specific total is reached.

Give Away Digital For Free

If you don't charge for your digital files, we don't charge you. Freely promote yourself by spreading your digital products far and wide without the worry of cost.

Google Analytics

Easily add Google Analytics to your themes and start tracking visitors and page views.

Google Ecommerce Tracking

With this app, we'll automatically add support for either Google Analytics' Ecommerce Tracking, within your customers' carts.

Native Campaign Tracking

When visitors come to your storefront, this app automatically collects and links that campaign data to orders placed by those visitors.

Labels & Artists

Instant Track Listings

When using our lossless audio feature, you'll have the ability to automatically drop track listings into your product page, right from the product creator.

Catalog Numbers

Prominently display catalog numbers on your product pages. This will help your customers search for specific items in your store. It'll also help you manage your inventory.

Pressing Information

Give collectors their rarity fix by prominently displaying the pressing info for all your vinyl, right on their product pages. Yes, vinyl is the plural of vinyl.


24/7 Support

No one takes customer service more seriously than us. Prompt and clear support is priority #1. We're available at all times of the day, and any day of the year.